What is distance learning?

distance learning or distance education is a field of education used that focus on teaching methods and technology with the aim of teaching to students that are not physically present in the class room

there are many advantages of having distance learning in many large areas in which education may not be accessible for some reason.
here are some examples below on how distance learning is helping people gain access to education online.

Distance learning in hospitals
distance learning is used in hospitals when
  • to provide education when a teacher is not physically able to attend to certain patients
  • when children are too ill to attend the hospital school ( if provided ) and are not able to see the ward teacher ( if provided)
  • when a certain subject is not available for secondary school students in the hospital school

Distance learning in schools

distance learning is used in schools when:
  • a certain subject is not available to learn at the school
  • school may

Distance learning in prisons

Distance learning is use in prisons for:

Distance learning in retirement homes

distance learning is used in retirement homes :

Distance learning for college degrees