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Driving Licence

Renew Your Driver's License
A US based site containing links of the online driving license process for each state
Driver Licensing Online
A website dedicated to UK citizens who wish to apply for a driver's license or renew their driver's license
California DMV website
Includes all information and the requirements in applying for a driver's license

A video tutorial on how to use Directgov to apply for a provisional driving license
Total Traffic Surveillance
A video on how the state of Memphis is using technology to monitor the traffic

TV Licence

What is a TV license?
A television licence (or broadcast receiver licence) is an official licence required in many countries for the reception of television (and sometimes also radio) broadcasts.
(from Wikipedia)
TV Licensing
A website used in the UK to allow people to update their TV license online

When do you need a TV license?
Technology and TV licensing
What does a TV license cover?
How are TV licenses paid?

BBC fraud?

Tax returns

What is tax return?

Passport application and renewal

Hackers Clone E-passport
How a German computer security consultant managed to create a copy of RFID chips used in US passports
Staff could undermine gov't database security
The problems with having a central database of information

How to apply for US passport
India's Identity Scheme
How India plans to build a national database of biometric data of all its citizens

Medical records

See "Health"

Online police records

San Francisco Crime
A map of San Francisco with frequent updates on crimes
Reality check
The use of DNA profiling to catch criminals
Sacramento Police Department
How to file a police report online in Sacramento

Why would you need online police records?